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Hummingbirds out my window

Hummingbird action at the feeders had been slow in May until somebody flipped a switch a few days ago. Here is a 30 second video of action at one of the feeders that isn’t being actively defended by a territorial male.

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New Bloomers

Every year, I eagerly anticipate the first blooms of plants new to my garden.  The anticipation is particularly keen when the plants are perennials that I’ve managed to start from seed, plant out, and successfully overwinter.  Will the blooms be … Continue reading

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Waking Up–First Hummingbird of the Year

My sister put it bluntly a couple of weeks ago:  “Wake up!  Spring is here!  Your most recent post is titled ‘Putting the Garden to Bed’!”  I admit to being a bit of a Rip Van Winkle, and I promise … Continue reading

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