Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah

This weekend (August 20-21) I’m banding hummingbirds at the 3rd annual Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah and also giving my hummingbird gardening presentation.  There are more birds this year than either of the first two years–come on by to watch me band, tour the gardens, and listen to some great presentations!

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4 Responses to Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah

  1. Chris Hart says:

    Hello Don, Just wanted to say that I appreciated seeing your banding process and listening to your hunning bird garden presentation on Sunday. Although, I did have to leave early because my 3yr old was being a little impatient. Anyways, all your unformation was very intersting to me, so thankk you again. I learned so much, and have so many more questions. I will bring my family back to the event for again next year for sure.

    • Thanks, Chris–I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and banding. It was fun to interact with all the hummingbird fans this past weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

  2. Chris Hart says:

    Don, I have one adult female Ruby that is protecting all my feeders, she will not allow any visitors???? I have a large, wide open back yard that in which I have 8 different feeders. What can I do to keep her from chasing away the others?

    • If possible, spread out the feeders more. The greater distance between the feeders, the more difficult it will be for any one bird to defend all the feeders. Move one or more to a different side of the house if necessary. Even if that bird continues to try to defend the feeders from other hummers, it will be moving along soon. The birds are fattening up before heading south and that particular bird likely won’t be around to defend the feeders too much longer. It will head south and be replaced by other (hopefully less aggressive) birds from north of here!

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